Posted by: the3rdi | January 19, 2010

A New Take on Charm School Turns Frogs into Prince Charming

A new service aims to transform your ‘average Joe’ into a suave gentleman. The Black Book Consultancy,in Highgate Village, guarantees to make clients more stylish, confident and charming in order to become more successful in dating and relationships.

The consultancy offers discreet, one-on-one coaching, tailored to each client’s unique needs. Because every client has differing strengths and weaknesses, consultants employ a wide variety of techniques – including confidence creation, flirting techniques and image consultation. Following a free phone consultation, clients meet with consultants to create a personal ‘plan of action’.

The Black Book Consultancy also employs a team of female interaction experts – women who can provide honest feedback and insight on clients’ progression through the programme – to gauge skills such as manners, inter-personal communication and style.

Paul Cartwright, Principal Consultant at the Black Book Consultancy explains: “Charm, style and communication are key to success in every facet of life, especially in dating and healthy, balanced relationships. Our clients range from media professionals to police officers.Some have been married for twenty years while others just want to know how to talk to a woman they like. Often it’s just about looking at yourself in a new light. It’s a longer-lasting solution than buying a cool new car or dying your hair.”

Some of the areas targeted by the consultancy’s diverse team include:

· Body Language
· Effective flirting techniques
· Neuro-Linguistic Programming
· Confidence creation programmes
· Conquering fear
· Style, fashion and presentation
· Hypnosis

The consultancy has seen a surge in demand recently as Valentines Day approaches.


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