Posted by: the3rdi | January 20, 2010

US-bound businesses get new advice service

In the US State of Maine businesses can be fined if they still have Christmas
decorations up after 14th January. In Alabama a pack of cards attracts an extra
10 cent sales tax, while in California it is illegal for a secretary to be alone
in a room with her boss. British companies are often amazed by how laws, taxes
and business costs vary hugely across states and cities, so choosing where to
set up a US office, factory or warehouse is a real challenge.
Now companies that are expanding in the USA have a new source of advice for
2010. Global Location Link ( provides executives with
a wealth of handy online information to help them decide where to set up shop in
the United States – plus dedicated American advisers on the phone, and ‘Ask the
Expert’ web pages.
Users can see what areas are appropriate to their industry, advice on issues
such as taxes and Buy America, and profiles of locations keen to attract overseas companies. In addition Global Location Link is currently offering a free guide ‘Eight Shortcuts to Jump-start Your US Site Selection Search’.

“Like it or not, the USA is a foreign country – even to Brits,” says Debbie Kurtz, Director of Global Location Link. “In my experience, British companies often do not research where to locate properly, and end up saddling themselves with long-term tax burdens, high wage rates or logistics costs. Business people can now avoid these problems by researching at their desks, through Global Location Link’s website and phone advisers.”

Global Location Link is a service of foreign investment specialists 310 Ltd,
based in Richmond, Virginia


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