Posted by: the3rdi | January 21, 2010


According to UK Private Investigators, a Kent-based company with a private eye network throughout the UK and world-wide, business is booming and new customers have a clear motive that wouldn’t flummox Philip Marlowe or Sam Spade. Debtor tracing, matrimonial surveillance and background reports on people are all in high demand, thanks to companies and individuals feeling the pinch during the downturn and hiring proactive private detectives to ensure they’re not being cheated or ripped off.

Timothy Burchell, owner of UK Private Investigators, says: “We’ve recently received a large increase in enquiries for debtor tracing, matrimonial surveillance and background reports. The services are for solicitors, commercial clients and private clients. Difficult economic times can lead to a rise in ‘middle class’ crimes such as fraud and theft from employers, while financial strain can often trigger relationship problems, including infidelity. We offer an affordable and discreet service so our clients can arm themselves with the facts. We’re extremely proactive – we like to get a result.”

From its office in Tunbridge Wells, UK Private Investigators can find fraudulent insurance claimants, discover dishonest employees, and catch cheating partners. A report by Price Waterhouse Coopers in 2007 revealed that 70% of large UK companies have been hit by fraud, with firms losing an average of £4 million each year to embezzlement and theft by employees. UK Private Investigators specialises in tracing assets and debtors, employee screening, investigating corporate fraud and gathering legally binding statements for solicitors. With a fast turnaround on debtor tracing, the company offers a 24 hour service on a ‘no success, no fee’ basis.

And, for anyone trying to trace a lost friend or relative or prove that a partner has been playing ‘off-field’, UK Private Investigators ‘nationwide relationship surveillance’ provides clients with a full, detailed report at the end of each enquiry, including an edited DVD, photographs and sequential log of movements, while maintaining complete confidentiality and discretion. Of the 359 infidelity cases the company handled in the past 12 months, 97% were resolved, proving the clients’ concerns were correct.

Timothy Burchell says: “Picking up business through his website, toting his Blackberry and digital camera, working out in the gym and fending off the odd request to track down Manchester United players’ home phone numbers, the owner of this private detective agency is a very modern gumshoe. It’s a far cry from the traditional old raincoat and trilby detective of the past and, fortunately, we don’t go for the bungling antics of Columbo or the strange eccentricities of Poirot.”


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