Posted by: the3rdi | January 29, 2010


StudyVox, the UK student social networking site, announces today the phase one release of its Stepping Stones Technology™.

Stepping Stones Technology is set to change dramatically the way websites are navigated.

Iain Rawlinson chairman of StudyVox Limited said:
“Phase one of our Stepping Stones Technology is the first step in completely changing how websites are navigated. Over the next few weeks StudyVox will point the way in what we believe will move the internet to the next stage of its development. With Stepping Stones, website navigation is visualised in a radically new way, making sites easier to use and also much faster because of a dramatic reduction in page loads.”

Kevin Martin, joint CEO and head of creative development at StudyVox said:
“I believe Stepping Stones Technology will become the new standard in internet navigation. If Stepping Stones is designed correctly it can be applied to every aspect of the web. It also makes websites far more accessible to those who are put off by current web design conventions, as Stepping Stones Technology will guide them through every step of navigation.”

He continued: “Think of it like this. A new user of any website, it doesn’t matter what type of website, doesn’t have to know how that website works because Stepping Stones Technology will lead them intuitively through every process simply and easily.”

Upon seeing the technology on a recent visit to StudyVox HQ, pop icon Kylie Minogue said:
“This is simply amazing, why isn’t everyone using it?”

Stepping Stones Technology™ is the creation of Kevin Martin.


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