Posted by: the3rdi | February 2, 2010

Public want West End – Walk of Fame

PRS for Music, the organisation that collects royalties on behalf of composers and songwriters, today announces that 100 years on from Piccadilly Circus unveiling its first two neon billboards, Bovril and
Schweppes, 76% of the UK population would like to see London’s West End boasting its very own celebrity ‘Walk of Fame’.

The original Walk of Fame was created over 45 years ago in Los Angeles to celebrate Hollywood’s contributors to the entertainment industry. Currently the attraction boasts more than a whopping 2,300 stars.

PRS for Music believes a similar and equally high profile Walk of Fame should exist in the UK to celebrate British and international talent that makes an equally large contribution to the entertainment output of
the British Isles.

The current criterion for the Hollywood ‘Walk of Fame’ includes:

1. Contribution to the Film industry

2. Contribution to the Broadcast Television industry

3. Contribution to the Recording industry

4. Contribution to the Broadcast Radio industry

5. Contribution to Live Theatre

However, PRS for Music would like a sixth criterion added.

6. Contribution to the Music Industry

Ellis Rich, chairman, PRS for Music said:”Hollywood is an amazing powerhouse for the entertainment industry of the USA. However, we would argue that the UK has an equally impressive track record with the artists who contribute to this deserving similar recognition. What’s more, in a time of economic uncertainty, injecting some ‘pizzazz’ into London on behalf of the whole of the UK should be embraced. And, what
better time to consider it, when we are just two years away from theOlympics when London will be the centre of the world stage, so let’s celebrate our entertainment medal winners too.”


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