Posted by: the3rdi | February 4, 2010


Wax Digital has announced the release of Web3 Asset Management a web-architected
Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution that delivers enterprise-wide
visibility and control of the fixed asset register through an intuitive web

The software enables organisations to take total control of corporate assets,
including comprehensive asset tagging, location recording and depreciation
functions which allow for all qualifying inbound goods to be quickly, easily and
compliantly added to a dynamic asset inventory.

“The new Web3 Asset Management solution delivers process control and compliance
from initial goods selection and purchase, through receipting and tagging, to
deployment, depreciation and ultimately retirement of the asset,” said Daniel
Ball, director, Wax Digital.

“The solution seamlessly integrates with Wax Digital’s web3 Purchase-to-Pay and
Contract Management modules making asset management an integral part of the
whole procurement lifecycle – bringing together the supply chain aspect of EAM
and the financial needs of the organisation.”

A combination of automated notifications and sophisticated reporting tools make
inventory analysis and event-based activities such as warranty renewals easy to
manage whilst providing compliance with audit commitments such as Sarbanes

Features include multi currency depreciation of assets, service and task
management capabilities, barcode and scanning support as well as asset disposal

Variable depreciation rules can also easily be tied to a range of product
categories or classes, as well as to different elements within the business
model – allowing, for example, one part of the organisation to depreciate the
same product class using different terms than another.

“Difficult economic times really put the spotlight on spend and asset control
and we’re seeing a big increase in demand for asset management seamlessly linked
to the overall procurement process – web3 Asset Management achieves just that,”
said Daniel Ball.


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