Posted by: the3rdi | February 14, 2010

Can you help us find talented people for public appointments?

Public bodies are responsible for billions of pounds of public expenditure and affect the interests of all groups in society. It is therefore important that the best people are appointed to the boards of these public bodies and that they reflect the society that they serve.

The Commissioner for Public Appointments regulates the appointments to the boards of around 1,000 specified UK and Welsh public bodies such as the BBC, the Commission for Equality and Human Rights, the Health and Safety Executive, the National Gallery, the Advisory Committee on Pesticides and particular NHS bodies. The appointments processes are the responsibility of individual government departments or, in the case of NHS bodies, the Appointments Commission. Further information on the Commissioner’s role and the bodies within her jurisdiction are on her website: (

More information on public appointments, including information on the skills and experience needed, on the benefits of holding a public appointment and on the application process, can be viewed at (

The Commissioner has been granted a new power to promote diversity in the procedures for public appointments and has launched a new “Targeting Talent” strategy. As part of this, in order to assist Government departments with their responsibilities for appointments processes, the Commissioner has recognised the need to gather information on diverse networks whose members might wish to apply for public appointments and on specialist organisations which can provide advice and/or research on particular diversity issues. The Commissioner is focusing at this time on gender issues.

Benefits to individuals of serving on public body boards include:

~ giving them an opportunity to “give something back” to the community and making a real difference to how public services are designed and delivered;

~ helping them improve their abilities and skills in areas such as interpreting and communicating information, challenging constructively, seeing the wider perspective and in team working skills;

~ using and passing on their specialist skills;

~ using their knowledge of diverse communities to enhance board decisions;

~ learning from other board members;

~ becoming familiar with the public sector and its operation; and

~ enhancing their CVs.

We are contacting your organisation as you appear to either have a role in your network in promoting the professional development of women , encouraging your members to participate in public life or in providing guidance on gender issues. We would like to include brief details of your organisation on our website together with the email address of a named individual whom departments can contact to publicise public appointments vacancies and/or information on links to your guidance/ research on gender issues.

Any information we receive from you will be held on our secure website and made available only to government departments and other public sector organisations with appointments functions, and not to commercial companies such as recruitment consultants.

If you would like to participate contact Elaine McNaughton, Policy and Learning and Development Manager by email on: ( or call: 0207 276 2627


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