Posted by: the3rdi | February 17, 2010


Puppy farming, bad breeding practices and canine welfare in general have
been recent topics of discussion and with Crufts just around the corner the
media spotlight will be falling in this direction once again.

Julie Sharrocks, owner of website MyPetYourPet which is dedicated to keeping
animal owners and breeders in touch, is seizing the moment to appeal to dog
lovers everywhere to come together to do their part for canine welfare in a
grass-roots campaign.

Over the course of the next few months is asking UK dog
owners to register their pets, both living and deceased, with the site so
that a comprehensive picture of the health, nature and behavioural
characteristics of our nation’s dogs can constructed.

The websites founder Julie Sharrocks explains:

“Whilst the Government, the Kennel Club and canine charities all have major
roles to play in achieving healthy dogs so do the public in general. If, as
conscientious dog owners, we come together then we can amass an
unprecedented wealth of information which will un-mask bad breeders and
prevent purchasers from buying puppies and dogs that are not right for their
family circumstances, dogs that will eventually end up on the streets, or in
rescue homes or put down. We are a nation of dog lovers so why leave it to
the authorities to stamp out bad breeding and mistreatment when we can have
a massive impact on canine welfare ourselves”. is quick, simple and entirely free to use. When an owner
registers their pets a unique search facility slots them into a canine
family tree. All dogs registered with the site are automatically linked to
all of their registered relatives – their parents, offspring, siblings,
half-siblings and more distant relatives backwards and forwards ad infinitum
along a bloodline.

As part of the registration process owners are asked to provide, amongst
other information, details about the nature and temperament of their pet and
about any major illnesses or health problems their pet has or has had in the
past. A wealth of medical and behavioural data will be available to all
interested parties and this level of transparency will, by its very nature,
weed out unscrupulous breeders. Potential purchasers will be able to use
the anecdotal, family experience based information to choose dogs and
puppies which are right for them and will very easily be able to see which
breeders produce litters with problems and which do not, the move towards
breeders with impeccable track records will be consumer lead.


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