Posted by: the3rdi | April 18, 2010

Facebook advertising service specifically for SME’s

Latitude Express has launched a Facebook advertising service specifically for SME’s and entrepreneurs to complement its pay per click management and search engine optimisation services.

Facebook, the leading social networking site in the world has over 400,000,000 users. Millions of people visit Facebook on average twice a day spending 25 minutes on the site revealing their likes and dislikes, allowing advertisers to target consumers based on detailed profile information.

Rob Weatherhead, Operation’s Director of Latitude Express said: “Facebook advertising is an extremely powerful and cost effective behavioural targeting medium that complements search engine marketing activity. Not only does it enable small business owners to precisely target customers but also reach out to them for a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising.” Further to the keyword targeting that paid search activity facilitates, Facebook offers unrivalled targeting options based on profile information. SME’s and entrepreneurs are now able to reach their target audience segmented by: location (by country and city), age, gender, education, relationship status, sexual orientation, language or workplace. In addition every campaign can be targeted by using keyword matching tools taking into account people’s interests and words they have included in their status updates.

Rob Weatherhead adds: “Facebook offers entrepreneurs and SME’s a channel to complement their search engine marketing activity. Direct targeting and optimisation is crucial. “Best practice dictates that granular testing and a fluid bid management system assessing the performance of segments is undertaken on a daily basis based on target cost per sale. This ensures poor performing segments are opted out and budget reduced, imperative for clients with meagre ad spend. “To emphasise the excellent return on investment that can be achieved using Facebook advertising, one of our online retailer clients has already seen a 450% improvement in click through rate, 16p decrease in cost per click and most crucially, 800% increase in return on spend.”


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