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With this year’s Noise Action Week (26 to 30 April) just around the corner, 3M, the diversified technology company, has taken a light-hearted look into physiognomy – the art of face reading –  to find out what people’s ears can say about personality and character.

Face reading dates back to ancient China where it was used to diagnose illnesses and tell fortunes. Today, however, physiognomy is used to understand and analyse an individual’s personality.  Each feature on your face, particularly your ears, relates to a part of your personality. The shape, location and positioning of your features, it is said, all have a meaning. In order to get us to care about our ears and appreciate them, for Noise Action Week 3M is encouraging people to look closely at their ears and find out a bit more about themselves. Here is a quick guide to the art of physiognomy:

–        If the ear is as high or higher than the eyebrows this means you are pure of thought with a high intellect.

–        If the ear is lower than the eye you are practically minded with a stable personality.

–        Big ears: sign of vitality and independence.

–        Small Ears: a sensitive soul.

–        If you have big long earlobes, this is extremely good luck! Everything comes to you easily and you know how to enjoy life.

–        Triangular earlobes (when the earlobe is not fleshy and goes straight to the face) mean you are a unhappy troubled person.

–        Vulcan ears (pointy ears) indicate creative and independent people – anti-traditional and alternative thinkers.

–        Big and rounded ear tops mean you are exceptionally smart and highly intelligent.

–        Ears that stick out belong to very energetic and physical people who are suited to working outside and not being confined to a desk.

Looking at well known faces can also tell us a lot about celebrities and what they are really like:

Gary Lineker  – ears that stick out – sporty and physical personality traits.

Victoria Beckham – extremely small ears – indicates a sensitive soul.

Terri Hatcher – has excellent symmetry in her face, particularly with the positioning of her ears, which indicates that she is capable of balancing her professional, social and personal life perfectly.

There is a serious side to caring for your ears which is what Noise Action Week is all about. Hearing loss is one of the most common industrial injuries which can affect workers in an increasing number of occupations.  Many jobs away from typical heavy industry are carried out with a background of noise that poses a long-term threat to hearing.  Bar work, gardening and light industry could all now exceed the noise levels considered safe.

Sue Poole, Product Manager for 3M’s Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Division, says: “Noise Action Week is about the impact of excessive noise on communities and individuals, drawing attention to how it can affect quality of life, health and wellbeing. At 3M we want to highlight the dangers individual workers face in their everyday working environment and ensure they have considered what protection they need. We want to make sure they understand why they need personal protective equipment, have access to the correct protection and are fully trained in use, fitting and maintenance. ”


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