Posted by: the3rdi | April 26, 2010

Top UK doctors reveal surprising weight loss secrets!

New details released by Spire Gatwick Park Hospital show that weight loss goals can be achieved more easily than you think

Spire Gatwick Park Hospital, one of the UK’s leading private hospitals, has  released some interesting findings based on its clinical work in the area of weight management. Part of Spire Healthcare,  Spire Gatwick Park Hospital
currently offers a wide range of weight management programmes, including both surgical and non-surgical treatments, based on the best and latest medical evidence in this area.

Top Tips from the team at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital included:
·    Try to achieve  30 min of moderate intensity activity a day for 5 days a week, to support your weight loss (eg – a brisk walk or bike ride, gardening – doesn’t have to be running a marathon)
·    Don’t snack too much between meals. Keep a food diary, detailing the time that you eat as well as what you eat, to monitor your snacking and eating habits so you can analyse and break them.
·    Compare the number of calories on the food labels when you shop. You might be surprised how many ‘light’ products are actually full of calories and artificial sugar
·    Try to join a support group. Just team up with a few friends or join a forum online. It’s much easier to lose weight if are in a group and can share your daily fight against calories.
·    Don’t just keep track of your calorie intake, but also of your calorie usage. If you know you are going to a big dinner party in the evening and it will be difficult to watch your calorie intake, just fit in some extra exercise to balance out your calories.

Although many well-known eating plans recommend monitoring calorie intake, doctors at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital have achieved much greater success with their patients by comparing the amount of calories being consumed each day to the amount of calories being expended through exercise.

“Conventional wisdom has often led people to cut back on their caloric intake quite drastically in order to lose weight, but reducing calories is only part of the story,” says Mr. Christopher Pring, Consultant Upper GI, Laparoscopic and
Bariatric Surgeon.  “By actively monitoring calorie expenditure as well as calorie intake, it’s possible to lose weight without feeling hungry, and to focus on strengthening muscles and building stamina at the same time.  By concentrating on of these factors, as well as your psychological relationship with food, it’s possible to lose weight much more easily, and to do so in a safer and more effective way.”

Anyone interesting in pursuing this weight loss method should begin by taking note of the number of calories on their food labels when shopping, and then keeping a food diary, detailing when they are eating, as well as what they are
eating.  With this approach, it will become apparent very quickly that eating between meals, for example, can have a significant effect on the number of calories being consumed each day.

The amount of calories being expended each day can also be measured in a number of ways, ranging from high-tech heart rate monitors to simple tables and charts that list common activities alongside the number of calories they are likely to burn.

According to the article released by Spire Gatwick Park Hospital today, anyone participating in this kind of programme should aim to expend 500kcal more than they are taking in each day, giving them a daily “negative calorie balance” of
500kcal.  With this approach, weight loss of 1-2 lbs per week is not only achievable, but also clinically significant and entirely realistic, according to Mr. Pring.

Although “exercise” remains a dirty word for many, another myth destroyed by the hospital’s report is the amount of exercise needed to lose weight.  According to the weight loss specialists at Spire Gatwick Park Hospital, someone who wants to lose weight should aim for 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise, five days per week.  Examples of moderate exercise include a brisk walk, a bike ride, or even gardening.

In addition to these practical tips, the report also revealed that weight management is easier if it is supported within a group, and that successful and sustained weight loss is best achieved by a combination of dietary, psychological and exercise programmes.

You can read the weight loss secrets of ex-Apprentice Claire Young at the3rdi magazine


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