Posted by: the3rdi | May 4, 2010

Brinkles are ticking heart health timebomb

MEN must exercise to get rid of brinkles as they could be a sign of future heart problems.

Brinkles – the term used to describe wrinkles of fat which appear on the necks of bald men – have been highlighted in a
US heart study as a possible factor in developing heart problems.

The Framingham Heart Study*also found the thickness of a person’s neck provided as many clues about future health
issues as measuring the waist.

Professor Jimmy Bell, of the MRC Clinical Sciences Centre, said health was not dependent on how fat a person was but
where fat was deposited.

Laurence Newman, co founder of health, fitness and sports etailer, said men need to target brinkles with exercise.

He added: “As Professor Bell agreed, diet is not a cure to thickness around the neck. Exercise is the only way to shift

“There are simple exercises which help, such as tilting your head up toward the ceiling and pushing your jaw forward to
feel the stretch. This can help tighten your neck muscles.

“Repeating targeted movements on a daily basis can help minimise thick necks and therefore help fight off future
health problems.”

With summer holidays around the corner, many men are turning their attention to getting beach-ready but Laurence said they should not neglect areas such as brinkles.

He added: “We all want to look our best when we hit the beach, but it’s not just about shedding a few pounds and
firming up a beer belly.

“Men need to think about their long-term heart health and set time aside each day to focus on neck exercises. Brinkles
aren’t just unattractive but can be evidence of a ticking health timebomb.”

The Framingham Heart Study found the average neck circumference of men was 40.5cm.

Risk was defined as having lower levels of ‘good’ cholesterol and higher levels of blood glucose.


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