Posted by: the3rdi | May 10, 2010

Enterprise In Action

A new organisation that helps enterprising women in developing countries to establish successful businesses has been launched with the support of the UK’s Minority Enterprise Development Trust. The new, not-for-profit business is called Enterprise In Action and will partner with in-country enterprise support initiatives to train and inspire people, and help them conceive, create and grow new commercial ventures with real potential for success.

Enterprise In Action will deliver assistance to overseas support organisations working with female entrepreneurs, social enterprises and people from disadvantaged communities of all kinds. Working to a business model developed with assistance from Social Enterprise North West, the company has already begun exploratory programmes in developing countries in Asia and Africa.

“Enterprise In Action’s initial objective is to empower people through enterprise development and play an active role in helping to eradicate poverty and world hunger,” said Enterprise In Action’s Chief Executive, Jean Hewitt. “We intend to build global partnerships, working with overseas businesses and other support organisations to create commercially sustainable networks that will benefit people coping with poverty, oppression or a lack of resources, education and support.”

One of the company’s first programmes has a global theme of “Women Mean Business” and it is designed to improve the entrepreneurial and managerial skills of women in developing countries. Enterprise In Action has begun a series of scoping visits to identify potential projects for which it can provide assistance and it has established working partnerships with enterprise support organisations in Ghana, India and Kashmir.

“Much of our work is about sharing knowledge and creating an international support infrastructure,” explains Philippa Chapman, Enterprise In Action’s Director for International Business. “It’s a move away from the more traditional aid models towards a new independent, commercial approach: there are women all over the world who would make fantastic entrepreneurs but who are faced by all sorts of barriers – not least a lack of local business support expertise. We aim to work with in-country partners to fill that gap, creating centres of excellence that provide effective support to local entrepreneurs who want to improve their own lives and the lives of their families and communities.”

Enterprise In Action is also promoting international development with UK based businesses through two initiatives; a women-based ‘business buddying’ programme and an international ethical trade network. These will enable UK
business owners to build and develop commercial relationships both nationally and internationally.

Further programme information or details of how to join Enterprise in Action at the beginning of its journey can be found at – or by calling 01254 915707.


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