Posted by: the3rdi | May 11, 2010

It’s time for The City Mothers of Birmingham

Jan Tchamani, regular contributer to the3rdi magazine was featured today on The Joanne Malin Show. Here is what she says:

“You can hear my bit of the show – but only for the next 7 days – if you go to this link:

Then, click on The Joanne Malin Show, then ‘7 days to listen’. Then slide the slider along so that it’s level with the ‘s’ of Conditions on the far right-hand side. I was on the show just before the end.

Just after we went off-air, Joanne brought in something I said to her as I was leaving about how it’s time for the ‘City Mothers’, which was nice. Basically I was saying how the City Fathers of Birmingham (Chamberlain, Watt, Boulton, Brindley, Martineau and others) gave us the infrastructure we needed, and now it’s time for the City Mothers to show what we can do.

My daughter Julia says I ‘rocked’… I did feel confident, knowing so many amazing and supportive women were behind me and I was speaking for all of us. I managed to speak to Marcia Lewinson (WAITS) yesterday
evening, and had her full backing too, which really made a difference.

Pray that lots of other leaders of women’s groups will come forward and contact WAITS, so we have a big turnout on 15th June, when we’re coming together for the first time. And of course, spread the word.

Co-operation is the way forward for the women of Birmingham”


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