Posted by: the3rdi | May 18, 2010

National Vegetarian Week 2010 – be deliciously different!

National Vegetarian Week sponsored by Cauldron Foods is from 24-30 May 2010. You don’t need to be veggie to enjoy National Vegetarian Week, but you do need to love flavoursome food. Meals burst with flavours, textures and taste whether you prefer a Zesty Pesto Tofu Mediterranean Salad, a slurp of a Sunshine Smoothie, a Redang Malaysian Curry, a pitta full of Falafels or a good old Mega Breakfast.
Veggie food comes in all shapes and sizes just like veggies themselves.

So, be deliciously different – visit or call 0161 925 2000 for free Vegetarian Society and Cauldron food recipes, meal plans and information on how you can love the food you eat.

Veggie food is different – it’s often the cheaper option, the greener option, the healthier option and it’s always the best choice if you care about animals. Try being different for a week – it just might be the best choice you ever make.

National Vegetarian Week is now in its eighteenth year and is an established date in the food calendar. This is the fourth year that Cauldron Foods has joined the Week as headline sponsor. The Week gives schools, canteens, caterers, restaurants, libraries and individuals a reason to focus on increasing fruit and
veg consumption, revamp their veggie options, launch new menus, look at the issues around food or simply try something different.

National Vegetarian Week is coordinated by the Vegetarian Society, an educational charity formed in 1847.


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