Posted by: the3rdi | May 25, 2010

Building your ‘authentic’ personal, business and professional brand.

It does not matter if you are competing in business; aiming for a promotion in your career or doing the home run; branding is no longer just for the global players – everyone needs a powerful brand!

The exciting Brand You! workshop will focus on building your ‘authentic’ personal, business and professional brand.

Fun, inspiring and interactive this workshop offers a snapshot of what is possible in terms of building your complete brand to keep you ahead of the competition. Delivered by certified NLP coach and founder of NBWN and Let’s Talk Business, Sonia Brown will guide you step by step through potential ‘blocks’ and ‘challenges’ using tried and tested marketing techniques to ensure you attract more success, wealth and abundance into your personal, business and professional life. By the end of this session you will be given the tools to effectively self manage your brand. And that’s not all……..

Who would have thought that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube would become a vital part of your marketing strategy?

If you want to communicate with your customers more effectively then Careeta Robert Green (Born with a Gift) will give our “social virgins” a brief introduction to what social media is; how your business can benefit from it and what steps to take next to ensure that your business is making MORE money and getting the extra recognition this exciting medium provides.

So don’t get left behind BOOK NOW

This workshop is perfect for anyone who is charge of their brand and want a chance to discover some fresh approaches to developing it.

Booking details:

This event takes place on Wednesday 26 May 2010 at the Grange, Neasden Roundabout, Neasden Lane, London NW10 1QB between 6-9:00pm. Tickets are priced at £15 and are available by booking at


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