Posted by: the3rdi | June 7, 2010

PRS for music calls for National Busking Day

PRS for Music, the organisation that represents composers and songwriters, has called for a National Busking Day in recognition of the importance of busking in many new performers’ careers.

Many of today’s most popular entertainers have busked including Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Gerry Rafferty and Rod Stewart.

PRS for Music is also calling for every town and city to have a designated ‘Busking Site’, or ‘Busk Stop’ where performers can safely play.

Commenting, Ellis Rich, PRS for Music chairman, said: “Every major culture has musicians performing in public places for tips and globally busking is an essential way for many artists to make a living. However, the ability to play ‘at the drop of a hat’, whilst entertaining your public, is getting harder. Busking is a great way for new artists to audition – and to submit to the ultimate critique of their audience either by parting with some of their change or by keeping their hands in their pockets. Let’s invoke the mettle of Don Partridge, the ‘King of Buskers’, who, after his huge hit with ‘Rosie’, proved there was a route from busking to a career in music and movies. “


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