Posted by: the3rdi | June 8, 2010

Internships offered in ITV’s Regional Newsrooms

The ING Internship offers 9 individuals a 6-week paid placement in one of ITV’s 9 regional newsrooms (based in Gateshead, Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff, Birmingham, Norwich, Bristol, Southampton and London.)
What’s it all about?
The scheme is designed to give individuals, who might not otherwise know how to source this kind of opportunity, the chance to experience working life within a busy newsroom. During the 6 weeks, individuals will be able to get a flavour of a number of roles within the department to suit their interests – be that Technical, Support or Editorial. Past interns have relished the opportunity they have been given during their placements within ING and it has often helped them to decide on a career path as well as understanding how Regional News works and seeks to represent all parts of society.

Placements will take place at a time between July and September to suit the successful individual and the specific newsroom

What’s in it for ITV?
We’re very proud of what the Internship has achieved so far in terms of offering positive experiences for a number of individuals within the media industry. We’ve had some excellent feedback from past Interns and in a number of regions, links with different communities have been strengthened as a direct result of the Internship. These contacts add to the richness and diversity of stories we cover and the portrayal of the region as a whole. We’ll also be asking some of our successful Interns to attend a Diversity Panel at the end of their placement and talk about their experience, and hopefully join the panel.

Who can apply?
This scheme is open to anyone aged 18 or over. We’re not necessarily looking for individuals with formal qualifications – we’re more interested in the kind of people who would thrive in this challenging news environment due to their energy and enthusiasm. In order to understand what we all work towards, an interest in Regional News would be a great advantage.

We know that the population of our regions is diverse in many ways, and within ITV we’re aware our workforce doesn’t always reflect the range of voices and interests within our community. We’d particularly welcome applications from individuals who feel their voice isn’t often heard or have something unique to offer.

ITV will pay successful Interns the national minimum wage for the duration of the placement.

How can people apply?
We aim to keep our application and selection process as straightforward and informal as possible. We’ve designed a very simple and hopefully un-daunting application form which requires each individual to tell us what they would hope to gain from the placement and ideally they will have a ‘sponsor’ who can recommend them for the scheme. If any individuals need the form in a different format, we can arrange that.

We’d like members of our diversity panels to help spread the word about the scheme and be involved in sponsoring individuals.

Other bodies such as the BCIDN will also be sent information about the scheme to post on their networks.

Between 4 and 6 individuals will be invited to individual ITV newsrooms for an informal interview and the most suitable Intern will be selected.

For further information or to return your completed application forms to Shone Hughes at ITV Wales, ( (

Internship Application Form 2010.doc (*NSch4fR4k26mLnZXAwRxJ1gASzjkItoKLC4DZNit/InternshipApplicationForm2010.doc)


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