Posted by: the3rdi | June 16, 2010

The secret to success in business

So what is it that the majority of business owners want whether they have large or small concerns?  Most entrepreneurs when they are being honest agree that it is wealth and happiness and usually it is in that order.  Health is usually taken as a given and the argument goes that if you have wealth, you can buy whatever else you need to have happiness.  As a result of this craving for material success, much time is spent on doing teleseminars, e-courses… in fact anything that claims to offer the secret to success.
In reality this is a fool’s paradise and is the equivalent to building one’s house on sand rather than a firmer foundation like rock.  It falls flat just like an undercooked souffle because as Michael wrote recently if there was an easy answer to business success, it would have been patented and we would all be living off the proceeds on some amazing tropical island.
What is it that puts you on the map?  Not fancy marketing, not good content, not even the ability to write well.  The answer is passion and where does this come from?  The main ingredient is not analytical reasoning, it comes from learning to trust your intuition and making heart-based decisions.
How is this possible you may ask when we live in a society based on money? Let’s put it another way: think of all those businesses you know that offer indifferent customer service.  In fact last night on TV we saw how a failing village store that looked just like any urban convenience shop was transformed into a country store that understood its customers.

What did it take? The main success criteria required the owners to put themselves out into the community and get to know local people; create an eye catching store with quality locally sourced ingredients; and most importantly the owners re-ignited their passion for their dream and took pride in what they were doing. This energy rubbed off on the locals who rallied round and helped them succeed in getting the shop reopened on time.  Most importantly they are now committed to supporting the shop because they see it is sitting at the centre of their community.  Hopefully this article will inspire you to develop a business that adds value to all who come into contact with it.  If you want to know more about this topic I will be speaking at Louisa’s MTB event in Rickmansworth on Tues 20 Jul.
Here at Whole Self Leadership, we work with organisations and coach individuals to bring about change that manifests itself spiritually by engaging heart and gut as well as mind.  You can follow us on twitter and join our facebook community.


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