Posted by: the3rdi | September 8, 2010


RECYCLING experts are predicting a flood of fines for UK firms after a Birmingham company became the first to fall foul of new e-waste laws.

The Environment Agency said Aston and Fincher Ltd of Birmingham, was the first prosecution of a business for offences under both the packaging regulations and the producer responsibility legislation for electrical equipment.

The firm, a wholesaler of hairdressing supplies operating from 26 warehouse sites in the UK, admitted it had avoided paying approximately £10,900 in charges.

The rules are part of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive and the company avoided paying £445 plus unknown costs of financing the recovery and recycling of
equipment for which they would have been responsible in 2008.

The company was fined £650 for each offence (a total of £20,150). It was also ordered to pay compensation of £7,135 to the EA for loss of registration fees, costs of £3,605.11 and a
victim surcharge of £15.

Simon Walsh, director of leading UK electrical recycling firm ShP Limited, said the floodgates will now open:

“We predict this is the tip of the iceberg. Most companies are unaware that they have a legal responsibility to dispose of electrical waste responsibly. We’re working hard to help
educate businesses across the UK to comply with the WEEE directive.”


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