Posted by: the3rdi | September 21, 2010

Ancient Wisdom for Modern People and Business

Saturday 18th September will be remembered as a special day. Why? Because that was the day that saw the UK launch of Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living, an innovative and totally new concept in the field of personal development and life coaching.

The Ancient Wisdom team of Warren Adams and Adele Hartshorn welcomed their first visitors to the wonderful Barefoot Park in leafy Cheshire to introduce them to their Introduction to Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living Day. The guests entered the room to the sound of African drums courtesy of Warren and Djemba Dave, another member of the team, and the energy of the room rose palpably. In fact, hairs stood up on the backs of necks!

Introduced to their hosts by the 4th team member, Phil Birch, Business Coach and Mentor, the day started with Adele and a traditional group Yogic breathing exercise followed immediately by Warren and his statement of intent for the day;

“Our intent for the day is for you to have a more choice. A choice of how to go forward with the rest of your life empowered and to become the creator of your own reality or whether to continue with your existing life patterns.”

An intriguing introduction, I am sure that you will agree. Warren introduced the audience to his concept of Fast Action Response Triggers; the innovation behind the method. From there, the pair of presenters went on to cover such popular modern day personal development concepts as the Law of Attraction, Cause and Effect, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and how to change personal patterns using the triggers. The day was far from a boring slide show presentation and two presenters talking egotistically about their knowledge – it was a day of interaction and thought-provoking exercises. The audience were regularly involved in completing some personal work and the day was broken up with further breathing and meditative techniques.

“I know that I was born to share health and happiness and this is a brilliant way to do both” said Adele, Health and Wellness Coach and NLP Practitioner. “We want to share this message, and method, with as many people as possible.”

“I have been in the personal and Reality coaching environment for 20 years”, said Warren, “and have studied NLP, Reiki, the Law of Attraction and many other eastern and western techniques. This is my personal understanding of all of these methods and experiences developed in way that is simple and available. It is accessible, understandable and almost instantly beneficial to anyone that is willing to try. It is a personal approach based upon triggering. Fat Action Response Triggers are available to every one of us and, because they have worked for me, and thousands of clients I want to share the benefits with as many people as possible. My intention is to start locally and spread as far and wide as possible. We want to put the “great” back in Great Britain and after that, well, who knows!”

When asked for their feedback at the end of the day, the reaction of the audience was consistent; “fantastic”, “inspirational” and “very helpful” were just some of the words used.
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living is a whole new way of looking at personal development. It is understandable, personal and, enjoyable. I strongly recommend that you click on the website or check when the team is coming to your area and to see what else they offer by way of focussed courses and workshops. Alternatively, give Warren, Adele or Phil a call on the following numbers to see how they can help you, your business, your life or relationships.

Contact details T: 08444 102030
Warren 07967 291159 Adele 07970 893994 Phil 07810 835292


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