Posted by: the3rdi | October 6, 2010

Charity calls for part time and flexible work for parents and carers

Working Families new research shows an increase in the number of civil
service jobs that are only advertised on a full time basis. Two years
ago the charity found 71 per cent of jobs on the Civil Service Gateway
advertised to outsiders were only offered full time; this year it is 79
per cent. This is despite the introduction of a civil service job share
register, the recommendations of the Family Friendly Working Hours
Taskforce, and the Equality and Human Rights guidance to employers that
they should have an objective justification for advertising full time if
they are to be non-discriminatory.

Sarah Jackson, Chief Executive of Working Families commented:
“It is vital that government leads the way in becoming a more flexible
and family-friendly employer. We know that, once in the civil service,
good policies are in place and flexible working is widespread. But too
few jobs are advertised flexibly and this is a barrier for parents and
carers to get into work. Many women will only apply for jobs that fit
around their caring responsibilities: they can’t enter full time and
hope for better later.

“Talk of work incentives needs to be backed by action to improve access
to all kinds of jobs. The public sector should lead the way to ensure
that all jobs are advertised on a part time or flexible basis, unless
there are sound business reasons why they cannot. In difficult
economic times offering flexible jobs ensures recruitment from the
widest possible talent pool: we can’t afford to revert to the full time
norm and ignore what mothers, carers, disabled and older workers can
offer on different working patterns. And we won’t close the gender pay
gap or deliver on equality at work until we do.”

The civil service research analysed 80 jobs and found:
63 (79%) were advertised full time only
14 (17%) were advertised as full time, part time or job share
3 ( 4%) were advertised as part time only

A similar analysis of 70 jobs in 2008[1] found:
71% were advertised as full time only
24% were advertised as full time, part time or job share
5 % were advertised as part time only.


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