Posted by: the3rdi | December 7, 2010

Discover the kinship of women professionals through exquisite publications

‘Fashion is often dismissed as a trivial distraction, but this book offers a unique insight into the relationship women have with their favourite clothes. The stories they tell form a riveting social history.’ Janet Street-Porter

Maggie Semple Limited promotes the kinship of women professionals through exquisite publications and fashion services.

To coincide with our launch, in December 2010 we are releasing the first of our limited edition books, entitled Semple: Women, Fashion, Stories. The publication tells the stories of the actress, the broadcaster, the biomedical scientist, the computer scientist, the entrepreneur and the business woman.

These sophisticated women are exceptional and have made unique and pioneering contributions to society; overcoming constant challenges they never falter in their positive and profound outlooks. Throughout this publication, their fascinating and inspiring anecdotes are woven through the threads of the clothes they love.

The fashion items they have chosen are key in unlocking special memories: the skirt that symbolises the 1970s Biba experience, the ornate Harrods evening coat worn to the opera in Vienna and the sartorial undertones of a Moschino suit. A Young Jaeger dress epitomises the old fashioned glamour of the 1950s and an androgynous wool Valentino suit encapsulates a strong femininity through its layers of cascading ruffles.

This book is a collector’s item and has been created for you and your closest female friends. Women who are naturally curious and have a lifestyle that appreciates good quality and design. There is even space for you to add your story at the end. Cherish it as you do your treasured clothes.

As a limited edition, the book will be available commencing 6th December for £20. During the Christmas period we invite you to purchase the book at our intimate mews house, built in 1692, located near Covent Garden or online at our website. Here you will find all details of our late night shopping events and a preview of the book. We would love to meet you and hear your story.

For further information visit:
To book a place contact: or call 020 7836 6001


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