Posted by: the3rdi | January 18, 2011

Working Families welcomes the Government’s plans to allow fathers to take more leave

Commenting on today’s announcement on the Government’s plans to allow more leave for fathers, Working Families Chief Executive Sarah Jackson said:

“Working Families welcomes the deputy Prime Minister’s announcement of the Government’s plans to allow fathers to take more leave. It is good to see that fathers are on the radar of Government and it is also positive that families will have a better chance to choose who works and who cares.

“On the face of it, this is welcome news. The gap between the entitlements that working mothers versus fathers have is out of touch with the way that families want to live today. But sharing maternity leave means that men whose partners don’t work or are self-employed will
be left out. We’d urge the Government to consider giving men a stand-alone right to better paternity leave. It’s encouraging that the Government is talking about ‘use it or lose it’ leave.

“We know from our own work that men increasingly wish to take a more active role in their children’s lives, and are keen to exercise their rights to flexible working to do this. Our current research project into fathers at work[i] has shown that there are positives when men are
able to spend more time at home – for example, men who do more housework are less stressed.

“We look forward to seeing the detail of this policy, which was outlined by Nick Clegg in an essay for Working Families in 2009[ii].”


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