Posted by: the3rdi | January 24, 2011

Comedy, music and more – celebrating 100 years of International Women’s Day

Comedy, music and more – celebrating 100 years of International Women’s Day
– KOKO, Camden, Tuesday 8th March 2011 – an opportunity for sponsors and

Funny Women are producing a sparkling, innovative evening of entertainment featuring
stand up, character, sketches, magic and music. This will take place on
Tuesday 8th March International Women’s Day (IWD) at the well known
entertainment venue, KOKO in London’s Camden Town, a mecca for music,
fashion and comedy.

Funny Women has celebrated IWD with a comedy show for the last seven years.
However, this year is the 100th Anniversary of the first ever IWD and this
new variety event is the perfect way to mark the occasion and engage the
next generation of British women to carry on the tradition of celebrating
the day.

The 100thAnniversary of IWD is being celebrated all over the world and our
event aims to make young British women more aware of their role in western
society and recognise that not all women globally have the same freedom and
opportunities that are open to us.

Awareness for IWD has grown in the UK since Funny Women started out in 2002,
and there is now a wide range of activities being planned across the UK to
celebrate IWD being organised by different groups and networks under the
banner of the EQUALS? Campaign see Despite
this, the day itself remains an enigma – it isn’t always a news item,
there’s no public holiday and it’s not necessarily ‘cool’ or even part of
the agenda for the next generation of young women.

Music and comedy are both brilliant mediums for communicating messages –
from protest songs to subversive humour, they are a barometer of our culture
that we can use to reflect how women’s lives have changed over the last 100

So this show is a modern day ‘march’ on the perceptions of women. It begins
with a live show which features female opinion formers and role models. We
will invite acts to perform stand up, sketch, music, magic, song, dance and
even a bit of drama as we tell a story of change – past, present and future.

Our target audience is broad but the event is aimed at 18 to 25 year olds
who are not as aware as we would like them to be. The essence of our event
is to make this the place to be on the 8th March – a true celebration in an
accessible, fun environment with the message being delivered with a
memorable performance.

If you would like to be involved we are looking for sponsorship to cover
production costs and organisations and individuals to help us market the
show and sell tickets. There is also a corporate entertainment opportunity
if you would like to entertain your customers or clients. Please either
give us a call or email us at so that we can send
you more information.

If you work with a charity or NGO and would like to be part of the ‘big
picture’ please visit and join the big debate.
We want to make sure that women’s voices are properly heard on this very
special anniversary.


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