Posted by: the3rdi | February 9, 2011

Celebrate the 100 year birthday of International Women’s Day.

The Birds of Manchester have stepped up to create a truly magical event to celebrate the 100 year birthday of International Women’s Day.

On the evening of 8th March the women of Manchester will join the campaign to stop violence against women and girls by staging a V Day celebration.

A cast of 12 local birds will perform The Vagina Monologues, a powerful and liberating play by Eve Ensler. This will be followed by a high profile debate on the contemporary challenges women still face throughout the world and on our own doorstep including trafficking, rape, abuse, slavery and early sexualisation of our daughters, to name a few…

This will be the biggest, cause driven event taking place in the city – at the amazing Great Hall in Manchester’s Town Hall. We promise an inspiring night out with equal measure of tears and laughter . Every penny we raise will go to helping local women surviving or fleeing from domestic abuse and 10% will be donated to the V Day campaign to support global projects. For more info on Vday take a look at

Tickets start at £20. A celebrity host will be announced soon and you will not believe the awesome women stepping up to engage in the debate.

Do the right thing birds, there is no place else to be on the evening of 8th March so book your tickets here: VIP tickets selling fast.


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