Posted by: the3rdi | March 4, 2011

Go Rambling this Easter

22nd-25th April 2011

If you’ve eaten one too many chocolate bunnies this Easter, then why not hop to health with a Ramblers spring stroll?

With hundreds of FREE walks taking place across the country, from family-friendly ambles to energizing hikes, from treasure hunts to woodland walks, there’s a spring stroll suitable for everyone. And if you’ve eaten one too many Easter eggs this bank holiday, there’s never been a better time to start burning off those chocs and walking your way to a healthier you.

Only a third of adults reach the recommended amount of exercise each week¹ but for many people the cost of the gym or the confidence of squeezing into lycra makes getting fit a daunting task. With friendly groups, spectacular scenery and routes to suit every ability – a Ramblers led walk is an easy, low-cost way to take those first steps to a new you.

A brisk 1 mile walk², will burn off 100 calories. Check out our Easter Calorie Counter to see how far you’ll need to walk to burn off that Easter excess:

Easter Calorie Counter

To burn off the following foods, you will need to walk:

* 1 hot crossed bun 150 calories = 1.5 miles
* 2 lamb chops 250 calories = 2.5 miles
* 1 slice simnel cake 600 calories = 6 miles
* 1 Easter Egg (150g) 800 calories = 8 miles

Tom Franklin, Ramblers Chief Executive, said:

“Easter’s the perfect time to get out in the spring sunshine and go on a Ramblers walk.

“With the daffodils in bloom, you’ll be so busy marvelling at the scenery and chatting to friends that you won’t realise how many steps you’ve taken towards a healthier lifestyle.”

For full details of the walks in your area, click on the walks finder


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