Posted by: the3rdi | March 9, 2011

Glasgow Women’s Library – Women Make History again!

We are bursting with the exciting news of the launch of our first downloadable Podcast!

Yesterday, International Women’s Day 2011, saw the launch of our fantastic ‘West End Women’s Heritage Walk’ Podcast on the GWL ‘Women Make History’ Website.

What better way to celebrate the Centenary of International Women’s Day then downloading the Podcast and learning about a fabulous hidden history of Glasgow’s West End with a unique and inspiring insight into the unsung women of the area over the past 100 years.

You can download the Podcast for an introductory offer of £3.00 at:

There are also copies of our extremely popular ‘West End Women’s Heritage Walk’ and ‘Merchant City Women’s Heritage Walk’ maps downloadable from the Women Make History Website, for free:

The ‘West End Women’s Heritage Walk’ Podcast is the first of many and GWL will be working on developing a range of different Podcasts for your enjoyment over the coming months.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Best wishes

Sue John


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