Posted by: the3rdi | May 6, 2011

Do you know any Funny Women?

They may be colleagues, members of your networks, in your family or a good friend.  We’re looking for the next ‘big thing’ in female comedy.

The Funny Women Awards, our annual search for the best new female comedy talent, is now launched for the ninth year running. As the leading female comedy brand in the UK we’re setting the benchmark for women breaking into the industry.

We’re not just interested in regular performers.  We meet lots of great funny women through business networking and want to open up this year’s competition to a broader entry base and new audiences.  Your best friend could be our 2011 champion!

As some of you know, this isn’t just about competing, it’s also about women working with each other and supporting other women to improve their confidence and achieve their potential.  We are really aware of how
intimidating the comedy world can be for new acts so we provide a supportive friendly environment at all our heats, showcases, workshops and other events.  With our 10th anniversary in sight for next year, we want to
attract as many different types of women to enter this year as possible.

For more information about the competition visit

Please come along and see a heat or two – we also need audiences as much as
we do entrants!


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