Posted by: the3rdi | May 23, 2011

Improving Attendance & Performance at Work

Improving Attendance & Performance at Work
30th June 2011 5.30pm – 7.30pm
University of Stirling

What would a 10% reduction in Absence OR a 10% improvement in Productivity do for your organisation?
In the current challenging climate it is vital to effectively tackle growing issues such as absence, presenteeism, poor attitudes, unacceptable performance and lack of engagement. The true causes and effects of which often go un-noticed. Such problems can be managed in a way to meet the needs of the organisations, its people and recognise the rights of Employers/Managers.

Find out what you CAN do by attending our FREE event where our Panel of Experts will share practical questions, explanations, advice and strategies, including the following, with you;

• Do we appreciate the true effects to reputations, relationships, and lives?
• Avoiding the rising number of stress and tribunal claims.
• Ignorance, apathy, insufficient knowledge/confidence or bad decisions can result in huge claims
• Do Employers/Managers know how to get legislation working FOR them?
• Are organisations getting the work-force they deserve – too many `passengers`?
• What can (and should) be done when attendance or performance is unacceptable?

Please contact to book your place at this event.

Expert Panel
Fred Best – A Specialist in Mediation, Employment Tribunals, Business Support and Employment Law. Former Legal Adviser to national advice body, CIPD Fellow.

Liz Jackson – HR, Recruitment and Strategy specialist with extensive private sector experience. CIPD Fellow with an impressive network of Associates.

Kate McBain Barry – Registered nurse and Wellbeing expert with substantial experience of delivering Occupational Health solutions for global organisations.

Hugh McCrea – Recognised expert in Health and Safety with significant experience delivering training, support and legal advice to organisations of all sizes/types.


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