Posted by: the3rdi | May 23, 2011

Older Women in Learning and Enterprise Forum

Older Women in Learning and Enterprise 50+
Funded by EU Lifelong Learning Programme
50+ women: making our voices heard : Forum event

Wednesday June 13
London Metropolitan University,
Henry Thomas Room ,
166-220 Holloway Road,
London N7 8DB

With life expectancy rising and health improving even more people will be aiming to work well into their 50s and 60s. Today’s 50+ women are carving out new roles, at work, in society, balancing the traditional and the caring with adventures, innovations, new ideas.

In response to a growing demand by over 50s to improve their skills and employability, OWLE50+ and London Metropolitan University launched a dynamic range of workshops for women over 50.
This includes:

Lifeskills and confidence building
Employability, enterprise and earning
Community skills and volunteering
Developing and presenting ideas

This pioneering transnational EU Grundtvig project, funded by the EU EACEA Lifelong Learning Programme is run by London Met’s Centre for Micro Enterprise (CME),  in partnership with Norkőpping Kommun , Sweden, and Tecnopolis, Bari, Italy.

What are the main issues for 50+?  Come and interact with our expert panel, who all have a role with 50+ women, voice your opinions, meet some older women who are re-launching their lives,  and find out about the project.

Contact Hilary Farnworth to book
email (
tel:  0207 320 1573 or


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