Posted by: the3rdi | August 17, 2011

Events from the WellBeing at Work Foundation

We are a new not for profit organisation that aims to get as many people as possible fit for, attending and performing at work – in short to change and improve the way we currently `work`.We believe that there are not enough services, information, or support for employers/managers who are suffering from Wellbeing or People Management issues.With current economic challenges, and increasing pressures to spend less but deliver more it has never been more important to create the right work environment and culture.

Stress, absenteeism, injuries, ineffective working relationships and poor attitudes at work have negative impacts on profits, performance, reputations, productivity, and people. The affects impact upon the very small to the very large organistions. Negative outcomes related to Wellbeing such as 200 million lost days and £100 billion wasted each year (UK) supports our view that there must be a better way. Not enough use is being made of best practices and recent advancements which have shown the average return on investment in Wellbeing is at least £4 for every £1 – often much more!

The Foundation will enable organisations and managers to achieve real solutions by working with them to combine best practices with our substantial experience, knowledge, and expertise across various disciplines including Health & Safety, Occupational Health/Medical, Legal, Alternative Dispute Resolution and People Management.



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