Posted by: the3rdi | August 28, 2011

20% discount on Soul Sisters Gender Specific Seminar for Women

Soul Sisters Gender Specific Seminar for Women

Sunday 11th September 2011

The day is about self reflection and personal growth. By looking at how delegates can maximise their moment at work, they create a portfolio that clearly highlights unique abilities and strengths. The day allows networking opportunities to encourage participants to share their secrets for success, and learn how to put balance back into business by contributing fully and confidently in their mixed gender teams.

Content Summary
“Soul Sisters” is a bespoke learning experience designed specifically for women. The seminar allows you to focus on achievements and encourages you to put success centre stage in both their career and life maps. The day is to allow women to feel less embarrassed about ambition and more comfortable about the unique abilities and skills that they have. The seminar is about celebrating their individuality and understanding how their qualities can complement and strengthen their mixed gender teams.

Designed for Women who

  • Want to reach their potential
  • Want to learn from other women
  • Want to assess their skill set
  • Want to increase their prospects for promotion
  • Want to understand and work well in mixed gender teams

Learning Outcomes
The sessions are designed to ensure delegates are

  • More self aware & self assured
  • More positive & focused
  • Increased confidence & self esteem
  • Opportunity to develop strong self image
  • Opportunity to celebrate achievements
  • Ability to think creatively & become solution orientated
  • Develop a future forecast & work towards goal attainment

£98 per delegate – costs include lunch

20% discount for readers of the3rdimagazine – contact for more details


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