Posted by: the3rdi | August 28, 2011

ITV are offering 9 individuals across the country the chance to do a 6 week paid placement

Do you know of any young people who want to learn more about the media? And get a chance to work for ITV News for 6 weeks? If so then send them the info below and also the internship application, deadline is 7th September , this is an excellent opportunity !

Ever thought about a career in the media industry or wondered how stories are selected and put together for the news but didn’t know how to find out?

ITV are offering 9 individuals across the country the chance to do a 6 week paid placement in one of their regional newsrooms. It’s called the ITV News Group Internship. There’s one placement in each of the following locations -Gateshead, Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff, Birmingham, Norwich, Bristol, Southampton and London.

We know that opportunities to gain experience in TV are rare and that it doesn’t always feel like everyone gets an equal chance to take advantage of them. We also know that the people who work for us don’t always reflect the many voices and interests of our local communities so we’ve created these opportunities to encourage applications from individuals who feel their voice isn’t often heard or who have something unique to offer; and hopefully help people decide whether a career in the media is for them.

During the 6 weeks, you’ll be able to get a flavour of a number of different roles within the department depending on your interests – that might be Technical roles, Admin Support roles or Journalist roles. Unfortunately we’re not looking for would be presenters!

You can apply for the scheme if you are 18 or over and have the energy and enthusiasm to thrive in a newsroom environment and make will the most of the opportunity. You don’t need any qualifications but you’ll get more out of the placement if you’re interested in regional news. If you’re interested in the Internship, you’ll need to complete our straightforward application form. It’s useful if you can get someone else to confirm that you’d be a good candidate, but don’t worry if you can’t. Send the form back to Nashreen Issa at by 7 September 2011.

If we think the Internship could be right for you we might ask you and a few others to come and meet some of our team for a chat so that we can decide who to offer the placement to.

If you require the application form in any other format due to accessibility needs then just let us know.

If you’re offered a 2011 Internship in one of the newsrooms, we’ll agree a start date with you and we’ll pay you the national minimum wage for the duration of the placement.

At the end of the placement, we might ask you to join our diversity panel so that you can continue to contribute to and comment on how we make regional news in your area.



  1. where do I get the application form please?

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