Posted by: the3rdi | September 14, 2011

2011 search for london’s peace champions

On 20 th September 2011, London’s Mayor Boris Johnson will host the annual prestigious London Peace Awards with special guests at The Chamber, City Hall. Londoners of all ages who have made a significant contribution to safety in the capital will have the opportunity to be a recipient of the 10 award categories. This event forms part of the Annual London Week of Peace 2011.

In the wake of the London riots and community unrest, the Peace Alliance remains committed to showcasing the positive work of Londoners throughout the year whose contributions have increased community safety and developed civic responsibility in their local communities.

The Peace Alliance is also keen to raise the profile of outstanding individuals or local community organisations that have shown courage and bravery to oppose the violence and criminal damage caused by the London riots.

These awards are a chance for Londoners to nominate their friend, parent, sibling, teacher, student, community group and more for being positive role models, mentors, positive leaders and championing a peaceful London. These are awards by the people for the people.

To nominate an individual or an organisation please complete the online registration form or email the form to The Peace Alliance. Deadline for all nominations is Thursday 5.30pm, 15 th September 2011 .

Nominations are welcome for the following categories:

Bravery Award – for an individual who has shown exceptional courage in keeping the Peace
Community Safety Award (the Metropolitan Commissioner’s Award) – Best community safety / crime reduction initiative.
Diversity Aw ard – for an individual / organization working across diverse groups to bring about positive changes
Londoners Peace Award (the Mayors Award) – for an individual who has made the most outstanding contribution to their community.
Bridge Builders Peace Award – For young people actively building bridges between young people, communities, generations, faiths and cultures.
Community Engaging Award – for an organization actively involved in engagement and connecting local communities.
Turn Around Peace Award – ex-offender who has made a positive change in his/her Community.
Team London Volunteer Award – (In Partnership with The Mayor’s Office) An award celebrating an individual committed to volunteering their time and resources to the benefit of local communities
Young Person Peace Award – For students who have made the most outstanding contribution to their school or community.
DREAM (Develop Real Examples and Mentors) – For a mentor who is actively making an impact in their community and inspiring others.

For more information on the Peace Awards and to nominate please visit:


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