Posted by: the3rdi | September 26, 2011

Are You Ready to Live Your Life Differently?

If you are feeling that your life could do with a makeover and you’re looking for the confidence to take your relationships, health, career, business and finances up a notch or two; then keep reading.
Join Claire Beegan (Effortless Energy); Claire Habel (Inspiring Futures) and Sonia Brown (Sistatalk) for a powerful, transformational workshop that will help you to live life and thrive.

The Unstoppable Confidence workshop takes place on Wednesday 28 September at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury between 6-9:30pm. This workshop is aimed at busy professionals who are serious about discovering their power, passions and purpose.

Our certified, experienced and acclaimed facilitators will take you on a voyage of discovery to unleash greater happiness, greater productivity, greater confidence and greater success in your life.

Don’t miss this workshop if you are ready to eliminate your fears and replace them with unstoppable-confidence.
Imagine eliminating self-destructive thoughts, and replacing them with new, empowering ones? Learning’s from this workshop will help you to uncover that buried inner diamond and let it shine with more brilliance!

To book your £15 ticket for the Unstoppable Confidence workshop taking place on Wednesday 28th September at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury between 6:00pm -9:30pm visit: or call 0845 467 1148 for further information.


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