Posted by: the3rdi | January 7, 2013

So Say Scotland needs help!!

Imagine Scotland as a hub of democratic innovation, A Scotland where everyone has a say!
We need help in making it a reality!! We need a very safe pair of hands and we need them quick.
Read all about it
Who’s willing to work all hours for peanuts on an innovative democracy project?
Starting 7th Jan or as close to, full time until March 31st – with an event on the 28th February.
We are attempting to bring together a range of partners to run a citizens assembly on a wing and a prayer.
Brilliant at organising, project managing, delegating, budgeting and accounting, co-ordinating, cold calling, hustling, charming, and keeping cool under pressure.  Does this sound like someone you know?
At the moment we have raised 10% of our budget and that means pennies for this role. However it is a chance to make history for someone who can cope with next to no income or is coming to this on secondment.
There is an organising committee (staff time in kind) and a project direction team (volunteers) in place, along with offers of in-kind support and good will, we need a star to pull it all together. Do you know them? 

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