Posted by: the3rdi | March 16, 2010

Working Families calls for the public sector to lead the way towards advertising all jobs flexibly.

Working Families calls on the next government to rethink full time work: make a manifesto commitment to flexible public sector jobs

Commenting on the interview in today’s Independent on Sunday with Yvette Cooper, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Working Families calls on all parties to make a bold manifesto commitment to recruiting all public sector jobs on a part time or flexible basis wherever possible.

Working Families calls for the public sector to lead the way towards advertising all jobs flexibly. Too many workers limit their job searches to work they can fit into the hours they can offer and too few jobs are advertised other than full time. Part time jobs often mean low pay and limited prospects, particularly for women and carers.

Sarah Jackson Chief Executive of Working Families commented:
“We need to move away from the full time default setting and ensure many more jobs are offered on a flexible or part time basis. The Government and public sector can take the lead in shifting discussions about flexible working to the recruitment stage, so that a working pattern that suits both employer and employee is decided at the outset, saving time and money later.

“Job centres could also help private sector employers rethink what skills they require and whether a job really needs to be offered only on a 9-5, 35 hour week basis. At a time of recession, every employer needs to be fishing from the widest possible talent pool. Our full time culture means too many talents are wasted – particularly women and carers’ – and the UK loses out.

“Flexible working is not a “perk” for the good times. The UK cannot afford to overlook the business benefits that flexible working can bring. There is a positive link between flexible working and performance. Costs of absenteeism, sickness and recruitment are reduced. There could not be a more important time to get the right talent in the right place: flexible working can achieve this goal.”


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